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Chevrolet has redesigned the Traverse for the 2018 model year in the first major overhaul for the crossover SUV. When the Chevrolet Traverse debuted in 2009, its most obvious design attribute was size.

For the 2018 Traverse, it’s not all about size. Instead, Chevrolet took its popular crossover SUV, and refined it in ways to make the Traverse more efficient and comfortable, without giving up the inside space. There are new features, improved safety, and even a new sport model that are all designed to make the 2018 Traverse standout in the three-row midsize crossover SUV class.

More Room Where It Counts

For the most part, most of the dimensions of the 2018 Traverse haven’t changed much. Yet, the one dimension that has changed significantly is the wheelbase, which is now 2 inches longer. That extra space between the front and rear wheels frees up legroom for third-row passengers, and additional cargo space behind the seats.

Chevrolet lists the maximum cargo space at 98.2 cubic feet, which is considerably more than what you’ll find in competitors like the Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot, and Toyota Highlander.

The rest of the cabin is also equally as spacious, with adequate head, hip, and legroom. Chevrolet’s designers have given the Traverse a more trucklike look and feel, and a huge center console.

New Things You Won’t See

Although the Traverse is one of the larger vehicles in the midsize class, the 2018 model is significantly lighter. Engineers at Chevrolet used a variety of high-grade steels throughout the body, along with some aluminum suspension components to help reduce the weight of the Traverse, while also ensuring its strength for safety reasons.

Thus, the less overall weight also improves the Traverse’s performance and efficiency. The standard engine in the Traverse is a 3.6-liter V6, featuring 310 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque. Plus, the 9-speed automatic transmission offers the smooth shifting you want and fuel economy you need. Fuel economy has improved from 15 city and 22 miles per gallon highway in last year’s Traverse to 18/27 and 17/25 for the AWD models.

All and all, given the success of the Traverse, the new design of the latest model is exactly what we expected. It addresses the shortcomings of the original, by making it more efficient than previous models.

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