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OCTOBER 1, 2013


MANCHESTER- We've received confirmed reports that an outbreak has begun to spread after the release of "Agent Z".

The top secret report indicates that "Agent Z" turns human cells into something...else.  Something that cannot die.  While researchers are referring to this outbreak as the spread of "Agent Z"...others are referring to it as a worst-case-scenario - The Zombie Apocalypse.  

On Thursday, October 24, from 5pm to 8pm, the infected will return to Main Street on Manchester.  And a number of restaurants and businesses that have already been infected will be offering discounts and promotions for those who have also been infected.

It's actually part of a special event to raise money to replace the Christmas Tree in downtown Manchester that was toppled last year by Hurricane Sandy.  You may remember the story about Hurricane Sandy coming in as a Grinch and trying to steal Christmas from Manchester... which conducts and annual lighting of the tree.

It's going to cost approximately $5,000 to replace the tree.  That's why businesses have come together for a special event on Thursday, October 24.  A Groupon will be sold for the humans vs. zombies event that will give ticket-holders access to all of the special promos up and down Main Street.

"We're encouraging all zombies and humans (or people disguised as either) to come join us for a great night on Thursday, October 24," said Kyle Reyes, Director of Marketing for Carter Chevrolet (home of the 2014 Silverado - the official "Zombie Response Vehicle").  "We'd LOVE to set a record for the most zombies gathered in one New England town in one night."

If you want to be a part of the Zombie Outbreak, email for more details.

Surveillance video is available upon request. 

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